心连心婴儿护垫 – 自然色



商品编号: IIA7F14




  • 可配合任何Ergobaby背带使用
  • 适合7-12磅(3.2-5.4公斤)的婴儿使用
  • 可调整的颈枕,给予头部及颈部额外的支撑力
  • 带衬垫的背幅可让宝宝的脊椎维持自然弧度,发挥最大的舒适感
  • 附加的扣带牢牢地把护垫固定于背带上
  • 可拆卸软枕提供理想高度和符合人体工程学的坐姿
  • 清凉网面后背提供良好透气
  • 外层: 100%涤纶
  • 內层: 100%纯棉
  • 可机洗

5 评论 @ 心连心婴儿护垫 – 自然色

  1. 4 /5

    I bought the insert right after my daughter was born because I really wanted to be able to hold her and still get things done around the house. I had another carrier but had no newborn carrying options as their was a certain minimal weight requirement to use that particular carrier. The ErgoBaby was a great hand me down from a friend and once I ordered the insert I was so pleased. I felt like my little girl was safe and secure once snuggled into the insert and carrier.

  2. 5 /5

    As an Orbit stroller user, I only want to purchase good quality for my baby. So I bought the Ergo 360 carrier and the infant insert as well. At 3 months old, I felt the infant insert was too small for my baby at first because her legs were not splayed out correctly in the frog position on the pillow. And, I wasn’t able to close the snap button. My baby is a little bigger than your average 3 month old. Then I reached out to customer service and they recommended trying a few other things. With the suggestions from Customer Service, my baby is now a lot more comfortable in the insert. All we had to do was take out the pillow. Now that she is 4 months going on 5 months, we took out the infant insert completely and used the insert pillow only and it’s working great! I truly do appreciate good quality product!

  3. 4 /5

    We bought this, along with the infant insert and it’s been great! We have used it around the house for times that she was fussy and it would calm her and still allow me to get things done. It’s one of the only carriers that doesn’t hurt your back after long walks. Great carrier! Took off 1 start bc sometimes it can be difficult to Get on by yourself

  4. 5 /5

    I bought the original ergobaby carrier 2 months ago and I love it! I didn’t want to buy it at first because of the high price but now I am so glad I did! I use it everyday. It’s so comfortable to wear and is also very comfortable for my baby too! It doesn’t leave any red marks on his legs, which is one of the reasons why I didn’t like other baby carriers. Unfortunately I didn’t get to use the insert for infants because my son was too old for it but I did get to use the cushion seat that goes along with the insert and I love it. All in all this is a great product and well worth the money!

  5. 5 /5

    We purchased an Ergo 360 when our daughter was about 6 weeks old. At that time she was above the recommended weight for the insert, so we didn’t buy one, but when we tried her in the carrier she was definitely too short and floppy! After contacting customer service, we followed their recommendations to use one through 4-6 months of age regardless of weight, and went ahead and ordered the insert. Our daughter (now 3 1/2 months) loves being in the carrier when we go for walks, and it has worked great even though she continues to be in the 95th percentile for height and weight. Customer service also sent us links to some very helpful videos on YouTube for how to put on the carrier and use the insert. Definitelya must have for the first few months!