有机棉吸啜垫 – 自然色







  • 轻易扣在婴儿背带的肩带上
  • 可反转
  • 符合CPSIA标准
  • 可机洗: 以冷水及温和的清洁剂及温和的转速清洗,低温烘干。


  • 100%纯棉毛巾布

4 评论 @ 有机棉吸啜垫 – 自然色

  1. 5 /5

    My 5 month old loves to chew and drool on everything! These pads are great because they can be easily washed rather than constantly washing the carrier.

  2. 4 /5

    I’ve had these on my carrier for a few weeks now, my little one hasn’t started teething on my carrier yet but I’m sure they will be great when she does. I love the feel and the fit of these. Washability is always a plus :) only gave it 4 stars because technically she hasn’t tried them out yet.

  3. 5 /5

    I got this a couple of weeks ago. I’m glad I did. My little one is teething and these have been great. He loves to suck and chew on them which would be a problem with just the ergo straps alone since I can’t wash them.

  4. 5 /5

    I bought this because my 6 month old would constantly suck and chew on the straps and they would get kind of gross from the drool and spit up. These have made it much easier for washing. Instead of having to wash the entire Ergo all the time I just take these off and put them in the wash. It is also nice that they are organic!