[#Beginning of Shooting Data Section]
Nikon D4
2012/06/20 10:39:01.20
Time Zone and Date: UTC-8, DST:OFF
Lossless Compressed RAW (14-bit)
Image Size: L (4928 x 3280), FX
Lens: 85mm f/1.4G
Artist: Jerry Garns                         
Focal Length: 85mm
Exposure Mode: Manual
Metering: Matrix
Shutter Speed: 1/2s
Aperture: f/14
Exposure Comp.: 0EV
Exposure Tuning:
ISO Sensitivity: ISO 100
Optimize Image:
White Balance: Incandescent, 0, 0
Focus Mode: AF-C
AF-Area Mode: Dynamic, 21 points
AF Fine Tune: OFF
Long Exposure NR: OFF
High ISO NR: ON (Normal)
Color Mode:
Color Space: Adobe RGB
Tone Comp.:
Hue Adjustment:
Active D-Lighting: OFF
Vignette Control: Normal
Auto Distortion Control: OFF
Picture Control: [NL] NEUTRAL
Quick Adjust: -
Sharpening: 2
Contrast: 0
Brightness: 0
Saturation: 0
Hue: 0
Filter Effects:
Map Datum:
Dust Removal: 2012/05/29 12:00:39
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基本款婴儿背带 – 黑色/驼色

Ergobaby畅销款式 – 黑色外观与骆驼色衬里/风帽


商品编号: BC6CANL





  • 面料和衬里100%纯棉
  • 可调整的软垫肩带及腰带
  • 大储物袋
  • 可调整风帽
  • 可机洗


  • 给父母的舒适:宝宝的体重平均分布在臀部和肩膀之间
  • 针对宝宝的人体工学设计:宝宝以自然的坐姿被背着
  • 3种背负姿势: 前背、后背及侧背
  • 宝宝体重范围:7*-45磅/3.2* – 20公斤(*新生儿需使用心连心婴儿护垫)
  • 缝合:增强面料的张力以达至额外的耐用性
  • 肩带长度范围:24“-44”(61厘米-112厘米)
  • 腰带周长范围:26“-55”(66厘米-140厘米)
  • 肩带填充:1寸高密度PU泡棉
  • 大拉链储物袋
  • 风帽
  • 可机洗
  • 美国设计

6 评论 @ 基本款婴儿背带 – 黑色/驼色

  1. 5 /5

    I bought this when my son was a month because my infantado to (spelling?) killed my back it was terrible! That and I wanted something that was going to be able to grow with him. absolutely can not live without my ergo especially when shopping on my own and its also super easy to nurse in ( I’m quite chesty 38 e) it just takes practice

  2. 5 /5

    My daughter is now 10.5 months and 23lbs! Still no problem wearing her and she LOVES IT! it’s about the only time she lets me snuggle her these days and although she is a nosy girl has no problem facing me because she has so much room to look around. Thank you ergo baby!

  3. 5 /5

    I tried pretty much ALL of the “fabric wrap” carriers in the market, and NOTHING compares to the ease and comfort of this carrier. Although I used gift cards for the purchase, I believe that I would have been ok with paying the price if it was coming out of my pocket. Its worth it, just to get things done around the house when the baby is fussy. I tried the infant insert, but only ended up using the pillow part to give my son that extra lift at 3 weeks old. He is really good with keeping his head up, and the support of the carrier alone helps too. So no need to carry that bulk if not necessary. But the pillow works great on its own.

  4. 5 /5

    I owned the Baby Bjorn originally, but my son seemed to hate the positioning. After researching further, I learned Baby Bjorns are not ideal for healthy hip development because all of the baby’s weight is distributed in the crotch area with the legs extended straight. Because my son has hip dysplasia, this was very concerning to me. I returned the Bjorn and purchased the Ergo Baby. Not only is it incredibly simple to use, my son LOVES it. He can easily fall asleep when nap time rolls around and we’re out and about, and it promotes healthy hip growth as his weight is in his bottom with his legs in a frog like position. This is one of the best baby items I own!!

  5. 5 /5

    I have purchased every type of carrier (moby, EZSling, Baby Bjorn – and the list goes on) and I must say that out of every single one the Ergo is the best by miles… I can nurse in it, we walk together in it every night… I’ve had my three month old in it since she was a month.. I seriously do not know what I would do without the ergo. However I do not recommend buying the newborn insert… Just use two receiving blankets folded up! Not to try to take business or purchases away from Ergobaby but the newborn insert in my opinion just doesn’t work very well, and my baby didn’t like it at all.

    Coming from someone who owns every type of carrier – BUY THE ERGO!!!!

  6. 5 /5

    I’ve had my Ergo Original for almost 4 years now, and used it with both my daughters. I was hesitant when buying it (beware of copies!) because the price is steep, but it has shown itself to be more than worth it. My favorite things about it: Washes well (when you have babies around this is a must!), wears well (straps don’t slide, padded shoulder straps and the rest distribute the weight so that you don’t get an achy back, and I’m prone to backache), grows with the baby (super easy to adjust) and the Safety features. Safety: I LOVE that the straps roll up and that there are small loops to prevent the roll from sliding through if you didn’t buckle it on right (yea, it happens), always listen for the click! Uses: around the house (vacuuming, doing dishes, etc.), hiking, shopping and travel (though I recommend having a stroller as well, since you want to be able to but the baby down if you’re traveling by yourself). For the record I never used an infant insert (had a Baby K’tan wrap for small baby, but it’s nowhere near as secure feeling as the Ergo).