基本款婴儿背带加保护垫套装 – 银河色

基本款婴儿背带 – 心连心婴儿护垫套装 – 配对获奖的基本系列背带与简单易用的心连心婴儿护垫 -从小就开始冒险。




婴儿背带 + 心连心婴儿护垫 = 心连心婴儿护垫套装


  • 给父母的舒适度:宝宝的体重平均分布在臀部和肩膀之间
  • 针对宝宝的人体工学设计:宝宝以自然的坐姿被背着
    3种背负姿势: 前背、后背及侧背
  • 配搭Ergobaby心连心婴儿护垫,背带可供你的新生宝宝使用(7-12磅/3.2-5.5公斤),直到宝宝有强壮及成形的头部和颈部的控制力,便毋须使用心连心婴儿护垫,直到幼儿学步时期(从12-45磅/5.5-20公斤)。
  • 缝合:增强面料的张力以达至额外的耐用性
  • 肩带长度范围:24“-44”(61厘米-112厘米)
  • 腰带周长范围:26“-55”(66厘米-140厘米)
  • 肩带填充:1寸高密度PU发泡
  • 大拉链储物袋
  • 风帽
  • 可机洗
  • 美国设计
  • 主体材质:100%棉帆布
  • 衬裡材质:100%棉府绸
  • 背带重量:1.8磅/0.82千克


  • 一个崭新的,易于使用的设计,给予初生宝宝充份的支持及舒适
  • 为0-6个月(从7磅/ 3.2千克)的宝宝提供支撑
  • 可调整的颈枕,给予头部及颈部额外的支撑力
  • 带衬垫的背幅可让宝宝的脊椎维持自然弧度,发挥最大的舒适感
  • 扣带牢牢把护垫固定于背带上
  • 可拆卸软枕提供理想高度和符合人体工程学的坐姿
  • 与Ergobaby背带配搭使用
  • 100%纯棉
  • 可机洗
  • 护垫重量:11.3盎司/0.32公斤

7 评论 @ 基本款婴儿背带加保护垫套装 – 银河色

  1. 5 /5

    This the second Ergo carrier I have bought. The first was for myself 5 years ago, and the second just recently for a friend. It is the most comfortable carrier available – I used it from newborn to 2 years old for hiking up to 6 miles and up about 1000 feet. Also useful for chores, the grocery store, airports. It was the best baby item I had!

  2. 5 /5

    I got this carrier as a gift. along with the doll carrier for my daughter! Im so happyy I did I love it. so does my son. I feel like he is a different baby when he is in the carrier. Easy to buckle. Easy to clean. both carrier and insert. and my daughter loves to be like ‘mommy’ with her carrier.

    Also you don’t get back aches or anything from wearing it.

  3. 5 /5

    I reviewed a million carriers and decided on this one. It was the best product I’ve bought for my daughter. It really does distribute the weight evenly. It doesn’t hurt my back, and she absolutely loves being in it. I think my favorite part is I can breast feed her discreetly without anyone even noticing it. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone!!!

  4. 5 /5

    This thing lasts! Purchased for my 2-yr old when she was an infant, it’s still being used with her little sister. Easier to use than the (many) other carriers I tried (and failed). Sizing between my 30-lber and 10lber takes no time at all. I can even nurse them while I shop! <3 this thing forever and always.

  5. 5 /5

    I was inspired to write this, on a walk with my sweet little Mya in the ergo.

    Snuggled up against you I feel your heart beat I listen contently I hear the padder of your feet

    Back and forth I swing From the motion of your hips It’s almost as mesmerizing As the kisses from your lips

    I cuddle in this blanket Make a cozy little nest Its warm and lovely It’s the very best

    You hold me tightly to you Im where I love to be Being close to you Is important to me

    My eyelids are heavy No more light can I see I think it’s time To set sweet dreams free

  6. 5 /5

    I bought this to carry my newborn baby boy with me while walking/hiking with my two golden retrievers. The moment I place him in the newborn insert he falls asleep. He nuzzles in and enjoys the walk. I also place him in the carrier when I need to do housework or when he is just plain fussy. It is a very comfortable carrier; the belts and straps lay perfectly on my hips and shoulders. It is incredibly easy to place him in the carrier and take him out. The sleeping hood is great for when it is cold out or when the sun is bothering him. My husband is 6’4″ and this carrier fits him as well. I would recommend this carrier. If you love to be outdoors and take your baby with you, this carrier is definitely worth the money!

  7. 5 /5

    I borrowed an Ergo a few months ago and loved it. However, I purchased another only b/c it looked the exact same but had a few extra features. WELL, the strap across the back is not, and it dug into the back of my neck. After saving for a few months, I was able to get the Bundle of Joy Set. My daughter is too big for the insert, but I will have it for whenever #2 comes! And we just love the carrier. My daughter is petite and a little short, so we are able to use the pillow from the insert to bump her up a little bit in the carrier, and she likes the better view that way. I love the Ergo and would recommend it to anybody and everybody!