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四式360婴儿背带 – 黑色









凭借我们独特的,结构化桶形座椅,宝宝将会保持符合人体工程学的青蛙腿坐姿以及理想的“C” 形脊椎。


7*-33磅 /3.2* – 24公斤; *初生婴儿7-12磅(3.2-5.5公斤),需配合心连心婴儿护垫使用的(另售)。

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Ergobaby 360 Carrier Points


四个姿势都可令宝宝由膝盖以至臀部都保持符合人体工学的坐姿,而宝宝的脊柱亦可呈“C” 形弯曲。可调整的钮扣让父母可按宝宝的大小及坐姿改变座椅的宽度。










6 评论 @ 四式360婴儿背带 – 黑色

  1. 5 /5

    I bought the 360 once it became available after being sold out and I absolutely love it!! I originally thought it would be great for hiking with my little one but I vacuum the house with her in it, I’ve mowed the lawn with her, I’ve gone on walks with her in it!! It’s the best and worth every penny. I wish I would have discovered Ergobaby when she was first born, the moby wrap was too hard and the bjorn was so uncomfortable!!

  2. 5 /5

    Velcro is Cool, not dirty I used to have the original ergobaby carrier and loved that. I was hesitant about the 360 because of all the reviews on the velcro getting lint and ruining clothes. After one of my friends purchased the 360 and told me the velcro didnt bother her at all was when i upgraded. The leg positioning is a lot easier than the original, and most importantly, my 5 month old baby is comfy too in both the front outward or inward positions. The velcro is just on the outside flap and is super comfy for long walks. I was having problems with the original digging into my back after a 1 mile. Also, i have 3 hairy dogs and have yet to see dog fur on the velcro. Please provide a drawstring pouch to store these carriers. I have the ergo wrap and love how it folds in itsel

  3. 5 /5

    We loved our Performance carrier so much, when this carrier came out with a Front-Outward carry option, we knew we had to have it. I LOVE the way this carrier looks, such a beautiful design. One of our favorite features of this carrier, is the wide Velcro waistband. It is almost 2 times more wide than the other carrier we have.. adding double the back support! That was probably the most appealing thing for us. I have read that although many parents love it, some hate it. We don’t mind at all that it is Velcro because we just take it off in another room if my daughter falls asleep in an attempt not to wake her. The padded shoulder straps are also great, as we can wear her for long periods of time without any pain to our back and shoulders. I think its a great design overall.

    Love the bucket seat!! There are adjustable buttons you can move/adjust for when baby is faced in versus faced out. (You move it to the grey buttons to make the seat more narrow when facing out). My daughter is the biggest fan of the front-outward carry. She is at that age where she wants to see the world, and experience what we experience. I’m so happy that Ergobaby took their time, did their homework, and came out with a carrier that has the option to face out but will still be ergonomically correct for babies and parents. Slow and steady wins the race! I feel safe about putting my daughter in this carrier and I don’t worry about messing up her hips. When we took her to Disneyland, we used this carrier and so she was able to take in all of the magic, and it even made going on a few of those small rides a breeze, as we were able to just step on and step off with her still in her carrier. I also love the extended back panel that we can roll up for extra head support for when she falls asleep in the carrier. And of course, the sleeping hood that is neatly tucked away in its zipper.

    Such an amazing carrier, amazing design. Ergoaby– you guys have done it again! Can’t thank you enough!

  4. 4 /5

    I ordered this specifically for a vacation and it definitely got put through its paces. It’s been used every day for the past 12 days. I typically wear our 10 mo old in a sling, but it’s not great for long stretches of time. I needed something that my husband would use as well and that wouldn’t hurt my back after hours of wearing while traveling and walking. This definitely worked out well for us. It was easy to adjust the sizing back and forth between my husband (6′, 190 lb) and myself (5’6″, 130 lb) – which we regularly did. I like that it had the proper hip support as my husband likes to have our daughter facing forward when he carries her and he did frequently. My husband used it on a four hour hike/ excursion with no problems or complaints. I used for a long period of time (five hours) when we were transiting from one city to another by walking, train, water taxi, and all while rolling/ carrying luggage. I admit, that I would forget that I was carrying her as there was no extra strain from the straps.

    What I loved is that it is so comfortable. If she fell asleep while we were out and about, we would use the sleep hood to keep her head from flopping around. I loved that my husband would wear it and that it was easy to adjust between my husband and me. Also, we had no issues using through airports, unlike my sling which has metal rings.

    That being said, I have a love/ hate relationship with the velcro. I love that the velcro makes it quick to wrap around the waist. I hate that it would get caught on the sweaters I was wearing! So be warned if you are wearing something that velcro can attach to! There are some moments when undoing the velcro is just loud. (e.t. Visitng a church/ museum to look at the art work, and daughter started to get fussy in the stroller – pulled out the folded ergo and undid the velcro to strap around my waist…it sounded like it echoed through the whole building and all attention on me). I’d probably need to step out of the room if she’s sleeping if I needed to undo the velcro. The carrier itself can also get hot. It’s rather thick, so I don’t know how much I’ll use this in the summer or in temperatures warmer than about 78° F. I also did have some trouble reaching the snaps to connect the sleep hood. Maybe my shoulders just don’t rotate like that. My husband normally had to help me, although he never had problems when he was wearing it and needed to use the hood.

    I will say that the first time I used it, it did hurt my shoulder/ neck, but it had to do with the way I adjusted the back panel. Once I figured that out, it wasn’t a problem.

    On the whole, I really liked this carrier. I think it was a great buy and couldn’t really find another on the market that matched our needs for the carrier.

  5. 4 /5

    We love the front facing capability of the Ergo 360, but hate that they removed the cljp on the hip strap and replace it with velcro, ugh. It’s more difficult to put on, much too loud to take off when there is a sleeping baby and just long and unwieldy. Please please please replace the velcro strap with the original clip.

    My daughter is 5 months old and she is now big enough (18 lbs) to fit into the Ergo 360 front facing and she loves it. She hates facing in and would not go into the other ergo we had. We love the front facing position.

    I would recommend it with reservations because of the velcro strap.

  6. 5 /5

    I was given this as a birthday gift when my daughter was 3 months old. We went to New York City for Christmas a month and a half later and it was perfect! She was super snug, always close to me, and slept most of the trip. I’ve used on multiple occasions in our home city too. We went to a crazy Mardi Gras-esque Saint Patrick’s Day parade and the Ergo was perfect! Baby got to catch beads and get in on the fun while staying safe on me. Flash forward: I used it again a few weeks ago, again in NYC now that my daughter is almost 10 months old. It was perfect for her to face outward and see everything. If she got a little cranky or wanted to nap, I just turned her around. Much better than pushing around a stroller and I felt she was way safer too! Gave me peace of mind with her being snug and safe on me!