[#Beginning of Shooting Data Section]
Nikon D4
2012/06/20 12:28:14.70
Time Zone and Date: UTC-8, DST:OFF
Lossless Compressed RAW (14-bit)
Image Size: L (4928 x 3280), FX
Lens: 85mm f/1.4G
Artist: Jerry Garns                         
Focal Length: 85mm
Exposure Mode: Manual
Metering: Matrix
Shutter Speed: 1/2s
Aperture: f/14
Exposure Comp.: 0EV
Exposure Tuning:
ISO Sensitivity: ISO 100
Optimize Image:
White Balance: Incandescent, 0, 0
Focus Mode: AF-C
AF-Area Mode: Dynamic, 21 points
AF Fine Tune: OFF
Long Exposure NR: OFF
High ISO NR: ON (Normal)
Color Mode:
Color Space: Adobe RGB
Tone Comp.:
Hue Adjustment:
Active D-Lighting: OFF
Vignette Control: Normal
Auto Distortion Control: OFF
Picture Control: [NL] NEUTRAL
Quick Adjust: -
Sharpening: 2
Contrast: 0
Brightness: 0
Saturation: 0
Hue: 0
Filter Effects:
Map Datum:
Dust Removal: 2012/05/29 12:00:39
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基本款婴儿背带 – 银河色

Ergobaby畅销款式 – 灰色的外观与白星刺绣和灰色,白星印花衬里/胡德


商品编号: BC2EPNL





  • 面料和衬里100%纯棉
  • 可调整的软垫肩带及腰带
  • 大储物袋
  • 可调整风帽
  • 可机洗


  • 给父母的舒适:宝宝的体重平均分布在臀部和肩膀之间
  • 针对宝宝的人体工学设计:宝宝以自然的坐姿被背着
  • 3种背负姿势: 前背、后背及侧背
  • 宝宝体重范围:7*-45磅/3.2* – 20公斤(*新生儿需使用心连心婴儿护垫)
  • 缝合:增强面料的张力以达至额外的耐用性
  • 肩带长度范围:24“-44”(61厘米-112厘米)
  • 腰带周长范围:26“-55”(66厘米-140厘米)
  • 肩带填充:1寸高密度PU泡棉
  • 大拉链储物袋
  • 风帽
  • 可机洗
  • 美国设计

7 评论 @ 基本款婴儿背带 – 银河色

  1. 5 /5

    I hate to make this about fashion, but dang this thing is so good looking :) Added bonus for shopping with baby Kyle strapped to my chest and having both hands free makes me one happy momma.

  2. 5 /5

    I bought this to use with my newborn, with an infant insert. Once you have it on and position the baby correctly, it’s great and very comfortable to walk around with. However, its not so easy to put on and off frequently. If there is not good place to put the baby while you wear it and handle the insert, its very annoying. Im sure when the baby grows this will be my top pick, but until then I’ll stick to a different one. If didn’t need the inset I would def stick to this one!

  3. 5 /5

    We received our Galaxy Gray Ergo carrier as a gift from my father. It was exactly what we were looking for in the sea of carriers for baby-wearing our first baby. After opening and practicing with the carrier (Ergos instructions are very easy to understand!) and marveling over the quality materials used and the quality of the product, we welcomed our baby girl into our lives. We began using the carrier by the second week of her life, using the infant insert. She loves to go on walks, and usually falls asleep very comfortably and very supported by the insert. We are excited to wear her as she grows and try out the three different positions the carrier converts into. I can see this lasting far be her growing out of it. It is a light carrier that packs well, and is comfortable while wearing distributing weight into all the right places. With the announcement of the 360 carrier we are having a bit of carrier-envy, but I guess that just means we’ll have to think up a good excuse to save up and buy it

  4. 5 /5

    We bought this (galaxy grey) when my son was 11mos old. I know it is easier to nurse in the tula but my son hates it so i ended up selling it. My son is now a bit too tall for the panel at 18mos although he is still comfortable in it. This is his favorite carrier (i have several wraps, a ktan, a mei tai and rs aside from the tula). I am petite at 5’3 99lbs and finding a comfortable ssc is hard for me but i can say that this is comfy enough to wear with ds at hours at a time. I hope the back panel is higher but we love it. And whatever keeps my son happy, makes me and hubby happy too. Love the beautiful hood too! ❤️ My only regret was not getting one when my son was younger. We could’ve had more use out of it.

  5. 5 /5

    I wanted an Ergo with our first. Child but we were given a different carrier. It was so uncomfortable and we rarew used it. With our second, I told hubby the only yhing we needed was a new carrier. We bought 3 different ones. 20 months later we are only using the Ergo. We live in Tokyo and it is so easy to put either girl on our backs at 30 pounds each! My girls are 2 years apart and a double stroller is not an option on trains or in the city. I put one child in the Ergo and one in the stroller. They fight over who has to go in the stroller. I recommend an Ergo to everyone we know having a baby! I wish I had invested in one sooner!!!

  6. 5 /5

    After using a hand me down Ergo with my first two children, I was thrilled to get a new Ergo for my third son. First, I must point out that after being used by three families and 10 children, our hand me down Ergo is still working perfectly! What a product that after all those kids and washing is still in perfect working order. I have tried numerous other carriers and always come back to the Ergo. It’s easy for me and my husband to use, great for my back and shoulders, and versatile so that it can be used from birth to age three! We have carried our kids on long hikes, to concerts, to the grocery story and find this to be the easiest carrier to use. AND it’s the most comfortable for the babies. I recommend this carrier with no reservations to anyone who wants to be able to have their hands free to make dinner, or to carry your baby on a hike. It’s the BEST!

  7. 5 /5

    I’ve been using the original carrier in Galaxy Grey for my baby, and it’s saved me every single day since purchase. It’s an investment but this carrier is worth every single penny. Front carry, back carry, even my hubby can use it. It stays in place when the baby is in it, evens out weight to shoulders and hips so you won’t suffer from arm pain.

    But one day I accidentally broke the buckle on the shoulder…NO!!! I immediately contacted the customer service, and they SO helpful, they even offered to send me a replacement part for free!! What an amazing service, I’m totally impressed with the product of course but it’s rare to see this type of service nowdays. Thank you Ergo!