Infant Inserts

Optional swaddle and carrier attachment straps for easy loading, adjustable support as baby grows.


Infant Insert supports baby in those early months, allowing carrier to be used from early on until toddler stage.


0-2 months, from 7lbs


3-4 months


Transitional stage (4-6 months), with pillow under bottom only


  • Structured neck cushion with snaps to fold down for better head & neck support
  • Padded back panel for ultimate comfort
  • Optional straps to securely attach insert to carrier
  • Removable pillow can be used to ensure optimal seated position as baby grows





Yes, all of our Carriers and Infant Inserts (plus insert pillow) are machine washable.

Yes, if your baby is larger or taller and does not fit within the Infant Insert with the pillow but still requires head and neck support, you can just use the outer shell of the Infant Insert to ensure baby is properly supported.

The newly added side straps on our Infant Insert are optional and are designed to securely attach to carrier to prevent the Infant Insert from falling out of the carrier as you remove your baby from the Carrier or Infant Insert.

Whenever using the infant insert, please make sure to read the usage instructions carefully and refer to the Youku videos for added help, especially for babies 0 to 4 months. To maximize air circulation for your baby in the infant insert & carrier, you should always make sure that the baby’s face and head remain uncovered and that the baby’s face is visible and with the top of her head close enough to kiss at all times. Also, for correct positioning, check to ensure that you can fit a finger between your baby’s chin and chest at all times.

The pillow is for babies who are either too short to bend at the knees when seated in the Carrier or would like to be seated higher in the Carrier.

The references to ages and weights are only general guidelines and each baby’s development is different. The Infant Insert should be used until your baby displays strong head and neck control and can be seated comfortably in an ergonomic, frog leg position within the Carrier.

The redesigned Ergobaby Infant Insert addresses key consumer concerns around usability, breathability and security. Designed so you can safely carry your baby early on, the redesigned Ergobaby Infant Insert is more intuitive and easier to use.

• We removed extra batting on back panel to reduce heat and maximize baby’s comfort, while still maintaining ultimate support
• We added optional security straps to attach insert to carrier
• We eliminated hole at bottom of insert to improve safety and promote ease of use
• The neck cushion is more structured with clear snaps indicating where cushion can be folded securely for better head & neck support, depending on height of baby
• We redesigned the pillow shape for better, ergonomic, seated position

The Infant Insert and pillow are only intended to be used in the front inward carry position.

The Infant Insert and pillow are only intended to be used in the front inward carry position.

All Ergobaby Infant Inserts can be used with ANY Ergobaby Carrier.

The stitched triangle emblem on the pillow should be pointing upward, with the baby seated on the wider seat of the pillow. When used with the shell of the Infant Insert, the direction of the triangle is easy to match with the stitched triangle on the shell.

• Our Infant Inserts are designed so that you can safely carry your newborn baby from day one if they are 7lbs or more, and until age 4-6 months. It is designed to provide ultimate comfort and support for baby, by providing head, neck and spine support and ensuring baby is correctly seated while in the Ergobaby Carrier. Once your baby can hold her/his head up for long periods of time and is comfortable with her/his hips in a splayed position, the use of the Infant Insert is no longer necessary. The Infant Insert is designed to grow with your baby.

• The top rounded edge of the back and neck panel can be folded outward and down to provide more neck support for smaller, younger infants.
• The removable pillow at the base of the Infant Insert provides extra height, support and cushion for baby and enables a natural seated position. For babies with strong head and neck control who could use a boost in the carrier, the pillow can be removed from the Infant Insert and placed directly in the carrier for baby to sit on. This is for small babies who have strong and consistent head and neck control (typically 4-6 age range) but are either too short to bend at the knees when seated in the Carrier or would like to be seated higher in the Carrier.
• Use the back support cushion without the pillow for larger or taller babies who still need head and neck support.
• Infant Inserts are sold separately or within the Bundle of Joy.
• All Ergobaby Infant Inserts can be used with any Ergobaby Carrier.
• NOTE: Babies grow and develop at different rates, so their transition to pillow only in carrier or without infant insert in carrier typically takes place between 4 and 6 months. Since babies grow and develop at different rates, monitor your newborn’s development to decide when she/he is ready for the transition.


Newborn Insert

3 Month Insert

4-6 Month Insert

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